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Ammonium Bicarbonate


Ammonium Bicarbonate also known as Bicarbonate of ammonia, ammonium bicarbonate, hartshorn, AmBic, or powdered baking ammonia is a white crystalline powder with a weak ammonia odor. It is commonly used as a leavening agent in the food industry to help baked goods rise during baking. Our Ammonium Bicarbonate product is food grade and has obtained certifications such as Halal certification, ensuring its suitability for use in food products. We take great care in ensuring the quality of our product, and our Ammonium Bicarbonate undergoes strict testing procedures to meet the highest industry standards. At MAHAY, we take pride in supplying high-quality Ammonium Bicarbonate to our customers, ensuring their satisfaction with our product’s purity and effectiveness in various applications.